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Tools For
With rapid development of ships industry both in China and around the world, we have designed and developed entire series of tools to meet the high demand of crankshaft machining.

Grouped with professional and experienced engineers and equipped with various high precision machining centers and special numerical control equipment, we can also design and make single or entire series of tool(s) for machining crankshafts to meet customer's specific requirements.


A. Tools For Machining Low-speed Crankshafts

Unique design ensures extremely high precision and rigidity of the tools to satisfy the tolerance / accuracy requirement of crankshafts machining. At the meantime, special tools and high precision designs for different crankshafts greatly increase the machining efficiency, thus reduce the cost.

crank 01.jpgcrank 02.jpg

        Low-speed Crankshaft             Carbide Inlaid Knives

crank 03.jpgcrank 04.jpg

              Cutting Tools                               Machine

B. Tools For Machining Low-speed Cranks

According to the characteristics of heavy-duty cutting for low-speed cranks, we designed / developed entire series of tools with quick-change interface of high rigidity, adjustable structure and modular toolholders to guarantee the high efficiency of cranks machining. The combined use of standard and special cutting inserts reduces the cost and ensures the accuracy as well.

crank 05.jpgcrank 06.jpg

                  Workpiece                               Machine

crank 07.jpgcrank 08.jpg

                 Toolholders                        Toolholder Fixture

C. Tool Sets For Machining Middle- And High-speed Crankshafts

Tool sets with modular design, custom-made toolholders and special high efficient cutting inserts can be used for different middle- and high-speed crankshafts and different machining conditions. It will meet or exceed the need of high efficiency and high precision of crankshafts machining.

crank 09.jpgcrank 10.jpg

                             Crankshaft                              Tool Sets

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