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Cutting Inserts
Ceramic cutting inserts, White, Black and Silicon Nitride, have been produced by gas pressure sintered, hot pressed, HIP and microwave sintered technologies, resulting in fine grains, highly dense structures that exhibit high ware resistance and toughness in addition to thermal and chemical stabilities.

Grades Information:

  • JDTC10 (white color), called White Ceramic - This grade is HIP sintered Al2O3 toughened by Zirconia. It can be used for general rough, medium and finish cutting of cast irons.
  • JDTC20 (pink color), called Pink Ceramic - This grade is HIP sintered Al2O3 with special additives. It can be used for general rough, medium and finish cutting of steels and cast irons with normal interruption.
  • JDTC30 (black color), called Black Ceramic - This grade is HIP sintered mixture of Al2O3 with TiC/TiCN, and shows an excellent thermal shock resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used for finish and medium cutting of harden steels and soft cast irons without interruption.
  • JDTC40 (gray color), called Silicon Nitride Ceramic - This grade is microwave sintered Si3N4. It is developed specially for rough turning and both rough and finish milling of cast ironss at high speed.
Inserts Types:


185c-84.jpg  185C-84
apst38-pd01.jpg  APST38-PD01
ingn220465.jpg  INGN220465
jd-1055.jpg  JD-1055
sngx120408.jpg  SNGX120408

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