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Cutting Inserts
Standard and mini-tipped PCD and CBN inserts, either GE or De Beer grades, have been supplied to our customers, which increases productivity on machining materials of harden steels, cast irons, nickel based alloys and aluminum alloys. We also can make special inserts to meet customerís application.
Inserts Types:


bb08-065d.jpg  BB08-065D
ccmw09t304.jpg  CCMW09T304
deep groove inserts.jpg  DEEP GROOVE
drill bits 5.2.jpg  DRILL BITS 5.2
drill bits 5.5.jpg  DRILL BITS 5.5
edr100-031-e1.jpg  EDR100-031-E1
edr100-031-e4.jpg  EDR100-031-E4
edr100-031-e6.jpg  EDR100-031-E6
ftg16200rpc230.jpg  FTG16200RPC230
jd-2001.jpg  JD-2001
jd-2002.jpg  JD-2002
jd-2263.jpg  JD-2263
jsd-07-0024.jpg  JSD-07-0024
ntm-e0020-02.jpg  NTM-E0020-02
scmw070202.jpg  SCMW070202
tnga160404.jpg  TNGA160404
tngn2204anen.jpg  TNGN2204ANEN
vnga160408.jpg  VNGA160408

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